Friday, April 10, 2009

Mostly Non-Running Related

On the running side, Wednesday’s 6M and yesterday’s 5M both averaged 6:41/M. But yesterday’s was the better run because I didn’t run a stupid-fast first mile. Compare 6:12 to 6:32. I’m looking forward to leading a group run tomorrow of 6M and then 12M on Sunday. I wish you all happy running.

On the non-running side, I caught an Arby’s commercial for their roast burger. If you haven’t seen it, an Arby’s manager is comparing the competitor’s burger to Arby’s fine product. The grabber of the commercial is that one of the employees starts using the greasy competitor’s burger to slick back his hair.

And I’m left thinking. Alright, I get it, the competition’s burger is disgusting. Know what else I get, that Arby’s hiring standards are nonexistent. Seriously, Arby’s hired the kind of employee willing to use a greasy burger to fix his hair. What is that same kid going to do to my Curly fries? Thank you Arby’s for giving me a glimpse into the corporate culture there, where any warm and semi-functioning body will suffice as an employee. Go ahead, put him on the front line between friendly service and a food contamination outbreak. I’ll be there eating my curly fries and drinking my shake.


Sun Runner said...

I have this thing called satellite TV and this other thing called TiVo which ensure I never have to watch another live commercial again for the rest of my life if I don't want to. :) You should check it out.

Which means I don't have to watch the spectacle of someone using burger grease as a hair product, yuck.

(they can have my TiVo when they pry it from my COLD, DEAD HANDS. Oh yeah, and my iPhone, too.)

Have fun with your 18-mile weekend. I have 30 on the schedule. groan.

Amy said...

Mmmm... Arbys...

Okay, snapping out of it... Good luck with the group run and your other run this weekend!

Running and living said...

Arby's, lots of memories from grad school. I used to live next to one and remember coming back from a run and smelling all the fried food....not a big fan!
Congrats on the runs and good luck with the the weekend runs! Ana-Maria

Ms. V. said...

Ha! That's great. YUMMY!