Thursday, February 26, 2009

Apology to Lady Walking Her Dog

I promised myself that last night’s run would not be as fast as previous 7M runs, but that I was going to try and hit every mile near the high-end of my target range (7:30/M). I reminded myself of this, I even said it out loud before I started. “Slow down the first mile.” First mile, 6:43. It was at this point that I yelled out loud “slow down you stupid jack*ss!” It was as the final ‘s’ rolled off of my tongue that I realized there was a startled woman walking her dog. And, although I am positive any reasonable person would have realized I was talking to myself, she complied and began walking very slowly. When I actually passed her a few feet later, she tensed up—pulling her shoulders in and wore a face of great apprehension.

So, dear lady and your dog, I’m sorry I swore out loud, sorry it startled you, and sorry you were probably fearful of me thereafter. You see, I was trying to run significantly slower than my actual pace, and with my music on and my desire to hear my own voice berate myself, I had to yell at myself loudly. Plus, I didn’t notice you because I was looking at my Garmin as I prepared to finish my first mile. Hope that clears things up.


Amy said...

Wow! That is hilarious. I can't believe she just did as you said and started to slow down... I'd yelled some obscenity back to you.

Also, can I just say... that your comment-thingy HATES me. Half the time, I end up giving up (even when I had a really witty comment) cause it will not accept me. :(

Sun Runner said...

This is absolutely hilarious. I would have been cringing, too.

I do my fair share of muttering to myself when I'm out & about but I keep it down while I'm in town. Once I'm out in farmland, however...I let my freak flag fly.

According to the box of the cookies I've been eating all day, one serving is two cookies. Um...yeah. At this point I've had 6 servings. At 8g of fat apiece...well, it looks like I'll be eating a bowl of baby spinach with nothing on it for dinner.

Vanilla said...

That's awesome!

Viper said...

You're a terrorist to suburbia.

KimsRunning said...

That was me. Apology accepted.