Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Have a Problem

While Vanilla may have a goal of not signing up for a marathon this year, I have found myself almost uncontrollably signing up for them. I’ve signed up for two thus far, and a third one seems imminent. Who do I think I am, Frayed Laces?

Well, I’ve never run multiple marathons in one year, so this is the year I do it. Last night’s 3M run was done indoors and on a treadmill, so there is nothing exciting to report.


Sarah said...

Um, what? I know about Bayshore, but what about the others? (I should talk, since I'm about 75% certain I'll do two marathons this year myself.)

It's a relatively pleasant 11 degrees now, so hey, I say go for that evening run. Just make sure to bundle up your hands. :)

Vandy-Montana said...

Yeah, when I ran my first one a couple years ago I swore no more marathons. Now I'm running one in April and planning two more in August and November.

It's a disease.

BTW, thanks for giving Amy ideas as to taking me down...I have a secret weapon, however.