Friday, February 20, 2009

It Was the Llamas

Nitmo’s absence has caused more that just a raincloud in the blogosphere, it has also caused quite a problem for local runners. In case you are unaware, Nitmos and I share common running routes.

Sadly, Nitmo’s self-imposed exile had allowed the local llama population to run wild. Although local runners are trying to pick up the slack, it is not looking good. Local authorities are baffled, local politicians are raving about ‘a loss of family values,’ and the local news refuses to cover the story. Don’t believe me, see what has happened to our beloved traffic circle below…


Sun Runner said...

Your Photoshop skillz are awesome. :)

Some people down my way consider traffic circles to be some kind of portal to an evil dimension, the nexus of hell if you will, given the way they talk about them. The city wants to put ones at US 23 & Geddes as well as Huron Parkway & Nixon and OH MAN THE SCREAMING IN THE PAPER!!!!

Where I grew up and learned to drive (Cleveland) traffic circles were just a fact of life so I just don't understand the hysteria. Navigating a rotary is second nature.

Maybe it's the llama-based traffic hazard here in MI.

(Is that the rotary at Maple and the M-14 off-ramp in Ann Arbor?)

Nitmos said...

Is that the Marsh circle?? No, that looks different.

Hey, I'm still out there cranking out the miles and, as Bob Barker would say, doing my part to control the llama population.

Spike said...

It is indeed the Marsh/Hamilton circle, located in Okemos MI (not the circle inAnn Arbor--Sun Runner) I know, it looks different with all those llamas running around. Some of them are huge!