Monday, February 9, 2009

You Take the Good, You take the Bad

You take them both and there you have…running. Saturday was a 6M pace run. Now, a few facts before I talk about it. First, I played indoor soccer Friday night, I started my run 12 hours later, and of course I overdressed for 45 degree weather (including running tights I did not need). That said, the run was terrible. I was slow and then slower. This was frustrating, I wanted a good pace run. I hit my first mile, then fell apart. Granted, it was very windy, but that is not a good enough excuse to miss my mark by 43 seconds per mile on the low end and 23 seconds per mile on the high end. Saturday blew.

Sunday was sunny but only 35 degrees. No major wind, and I had decided to treat myself by running at Kensington Park (ok, I have a sister that lives nearby and we were having a family gathering there yesterday, so it was also convenient). The path was clear, but there were several icy spots because everything that melted on Saturday froze overnight. But the route is great, who doesn’t love markers every quarter of a mile, and I felt comfortable during the run (no running tights). I finish up, look down, and see I averaged a 7:27/M. And while that is nothing to complain about, I couldn’t believe I ran faster than my goal pace by 38 seconds per mile on the low end and 63 seconds per mile on the high end.

My pacing sucks, and on both runs I completely blew my pace. I ran my long run with a faster pace than my pace run. I need work.


Sarah said...

Yeah, really. My 6 mile pace run Saturday was right on target. I felt great. Then yesterday's 13 miler...god, what a disaster. I totally lost it around mile 9 and my pace plunged so far that by the bitter, ass-dragging end I could barely manage a 10:30 mile. I ended up averaging 9:45 for the duration, which I guess is OK since my long runs are supposed to be a minute slower than my intended race pace (8:30) but STILL...I was cruising along around 9:10-9:20 for the first part of the run, feeling good, and then...BLAH. Plus I seem to have injured my damn knee somehow. OK, can I gripe any more? ;)

Viper said...

It's early in the year yet. Consistent pacing will arrive inevitably, like you bar tab at the end of the night.