Friday, February 6, 2009

Speed is the Key

Last night I had a special guest join me for my speed workout. Amanda, a fellow marathoner (Chicago and Detroit), triathlete, and blogger, thought it would be fun to do a little speed work.

Amanda had not done a speed work like this before, but she did a great job. She stayed strong and pushed each 300m. During our rest intervals I learned a bit more about how her and her husband ended up in Michigan from Wisconsin, and about her two dogs.

I felt we did a great job pushing the pace each time, staying strong throughout each lap. Amanda was enjoying the workout after three, and enjoying it a little less after six. But her effort never wavered, and we were done before we knew it.

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Sarah said...

Don't you just love a good hard speed workout? If the track I use wasn't covered with snow, I might hit it for some 400s or 800s, but I'm out of luck at the moment.